Right down to comforting Narumi, he could be compelled to give up any potential connection with Futaba

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Right down to comforting Narumi, he could be compelled to give up any potential connection with Futaba

Yui Narumi

Kou fulfilled Narumi in the middle school which he transferred to, in his mother’s hometown, Nagasaki, when you look at the next title regarding 1st year. He 1st located the girl as a kind and you can a casual person, because she helped describe distress the help of its class mates on Kou’s surname, “Mabuchi”, and his parent’s split up, as he had troubles checking to them. Because Narumi’s moms and dads was in fact including divorced, they found that that they had something in keeping and you will knew for each other. Your day Kou is about to exit Nagasaki to have highschool, Narumi confesses to help you him and supply him a hug, yet not, Kou remains indifferent to these attitude.

Couple of years immediately following secondary school, long afterwards he moved to his hometown, Kou was faced with the news headlines out-of Narumi’s dad’s passing, who had suffered from disease, similarly to Kou’s very own mommy. After their death, Narumi relocated to Kou’s city during the summer holidays. He later learns, of their middle school classmate, you to definitely Narumi is unwelcome of the this lady mother, who had a new partner, and you will is living with the woman household members as an alternative.

This renders Kou in times where he seems required to help you be there to own Narumi, who may have very little service on her state, and then he try somebody who you are going to connect with just what she is actually dealing with. Narumi has actually attitude having Kou, together with confessed so you can him as he went along to on her behalf father’s funeral, but the girl feelings were not reciprocated. Kou try unsure if he is performing suitable issue from the choosing to become of the Narumi’s top, even after trying to getting having Futaba. [5]

It is shown that Kou are getting in touch with Narumi to help you break some thing off along with her because he desires be having Futaba. [6] If the go out finally suggestions for Kou to obtain the speak which have Narumi, Narumi was strolling away from him (finding Futaba and Toma). He then sees this new hug anywhere between Toma and you can Futaba. When you look at the later sections, he finally amounts in the bravery to stand Narumi properly and stop one thing for good. Once one last futile take to in the protests away from Narumi, the guy entirely slices connections together with her and renders no flipping straight back.

Yoichi Tanaka

Yoichi, or Tanaka-sensei, is Kou’s old aunt and you can an instructor during the his high school. He has got brand of a beneficial “tuff like” https://datingranking.net/biggercity-review/ reference to their sis, in which the guy gets really annoyed by your asking unnecessary concerns, inviting your to eat restaurants with her, or simply just also Tanaka-sensei trying to make conversation with your. The which decisions probably originates from that Kou might resent his sis to own not there as he had to go through a tough time alone, just like their mommy becoming deathly unwell. Regardless of this, he nonetheless cares having his sibling (such as for example when he had to attest to your to pay off an effective misunderstanding the main had between Tanaka-sensei and you can Futaba’s dating).

Aya Kominato

Aya is a great pal out-of Kou. He brightens right up Kou’s ambiance, enabling other people feeling comfortable to speak with Kou. Kou can be surprised because of the how defensive Aya is actually on the your, but really grateful away from how much cash Aya cherishes its friendship. Aya is amongst the earliest individuals to be aware that the guy likes Futaba, however, Kou becomes a small pissed (probably because the guy understands Aya is right) when Aya is scolding your how in the event he believes Narumi means your, due to the fact Kou’s ideas also are essential.

Yuri Makita

Kou notices Yuri given that just a friend, and you can doesn’t invariably features plenty of correspondence along with her. Yuri is actually the original you to being advised from the his mom’s art gallery area, but Kou did not have the newest intentions of accomplishing that it and work out Yuri end up being much more special than simply Futaba. Kou try amazed because of the Yuri’s confession, but declined this lady besides which have a good “thanks a lot”, with the knowledge that Futaba is certainly one the guy in reality wants. After that state he however treats Yuri similar to he performed before.

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